Affiliate Marketing 2016 – What Is Affiliate Marketing & How To Start Affiliate Marketing In 2016

{“en”:”Affiliate marketing? What is affiliate marketing and is it actually practical for you? My name is Mo from Shortcuts To Success I’m just gonna skip all the BS and give it to you straight. I’ve simplified everything about affiliate marketing so even a little kid could understand this video. You don’t wanna miss a second of this. Affiliate marketing is actually a very simple concept. Don’t be fooled though just because it’s simple… Because while it may be simple, in my experience, affiliate marketing is the number one way that ordinary people like you and I can make a ridiculous amount of money on complete autopilot.

Affiliate marketing is simply selling other people’s stuff and getting a commission. In this situation, both sides win because Whoever’s things you’re selling is profiting, because they’re selling products and then you’re winning also because you’re making commissions. Honestly, the best part about affiliate marketing is the fact that it’s so simple and so practical for ordinary people. We don’t handle shipping, we don’t handle making products, we don’t handle any payments, we really don’t handle anything. All we take care of is the marketing, hence the name, affiliate marketing. So just to make it clear, affiliate marketing is selling other people’s things and getting a commission from that. After years of doing it, I’ve boiled it down to three simple steps. Step number one, find a product. Step number two, find the target audience for that product.

And step number three, put your product in front of your target audience. Thats it! Let’s take a look at an example together. So for step number one, we find a product. You can choose literally anything, it would be a good idea to choose something you’re personally interested in, or something that you use yourself. So, to do this, you have to join the affiliate program of a major retailer. So sites like Amazon, eBay, and thousands of others all have affiliate programs.

So for our purposes, let’s say you want to use, for example…. Makeup. Let’s say you want to sell makeup to make money off of it. And let’s say you want to join Amazon’s affiliate program to do this. And sell the makeup on Amazon and get a commission. What you would do is, go to, you would scroll down, and you would find where it says, become an affiliate. Most major retailers like eBay, Amazon, and others have it at the bottom. So you can just go to the bottom, and in little writing, it would tell you if they have an affiliate program or not. So after you go through the process and become an affiliate, you can go find the product you want to promote. You’ll be given a unique link for that product, that people can now click to and once they do and now they’re on through your link, Anything they will purchase, you would get a commission from.

So now, for step number two, after we figured out that our product is make up, We figure out the target audience, and obviously our target audience is females. So now step number three, this is where the magic happens. Ok, now you have to put your link, your unique affiliate link, in front of your target audience. Many affiliate marketers say the best way to go about this is to make a website and rank it on Google. So now every time someone Googles the specific makeup that you’re selling, Your site would appear near the top, Then, a percentage of whoever searches would click your link, go on your website, and click on your affiliate link and then purchase things, and that would make you commissions. While that does work, and obviously, people have found a lot of success with it, I found that to be pretty difficult, especially for beginners. What I found to be way more simpler, and honestly, more efficient, is to use social media to promote my unique affiliate links. For example, Instagram. You’d be surprised at how well Instagram works to promote your affiliate link.

Basically, my formula for success on Instagram is pretty simple. All I do is make a page related to the niche I’m in. So in our example of makeup, I’d make a page about makeup. Then, I’d post interesting content about makeup. Then, I’d interact with people who are interested in makeup. So I’d go like their stuff, comment on their posts, follow them, People that are interested in makeup, and how do I know that they’re interested in makeup? I know because I can go find the followers of a famous makeup page and then interact with them. What’s beautiful is you can automate that whole process, so literally, you would have your page interacting with people while you’re chillin.

And then, you have your unique affiliate link, in your Instagram bio. And then have some sort of catchy phrase to get people to click it. And what that will do is have people click your affiliate link even when you’re not doing anything. And that is powerful as hell! So that means you would set everything in your affiliate marketing business up once, and then relax while you are getting paid. You would get residual commissions, month after month. So that three step formula is very easy to follow and literally anyone can do it. I’m not saying it’s easy. Nothing in life worth having is easy. But, I am saying it’s simple. It might require work, it might require a little bit of learning, but trust me, the results are more than worth it. One last thing that’s extremely important to know, is that you can get affiliate commissions for subscription based products. This means that you could get a sale, to a subscription based product meaning that it’s a product that requires a monthly payment and then you would get paid every single month from one affiliate marketing sale.

The reason this is SO powerful, is because ONE sale could pay you multiple times. Because if you get someone subscribed to a program, and they subscribe for years, You would get paid every single month. So imagine doing that, getting multiple sales, to a subscription based product That means you would be getting a lot of money every single month and then once you do the work in the beginning, you really don’t need to do any work after unless you want to make even more money. So my advice to you, if you’re serious, is to find a program or system that pays you monthly affiliate commissions There are plenty out there, I know of a few, you can go out there and do your own research and find a program or system that you can be an affiliate of and get paid monthly. But, if you want to use the system that I use to get my monthly commissions, then you can click right here Or if you’re on mobile, you can just click the link in the description That being said, guys, if you have a dream, don’t wait…

We have Google, we have YouTube, we live in the information age. We can literally search up anything and get information about it But, most people today are using the internet to like, view twerk videos. Be better than that. Use it for your own good, use it for your future. I promise you can do you want with the right information, and the good news is, you have all the information in the world. If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to leave a comment, I answer all comments, as long as they’re appropriate. and you can also reach out to me on Instagram, @secretstosuccess and DM me, and I’ll be sure to get back to you.

Until next time!. “}

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The links in these posts are 'affiliate links.' This means if you click on the link and purchase the item, I will receive an affiliate commission. This will not cost you any more.

I may have received a free copy of the product to review from the vendor or been otherwise compensated by the vendor. However, I honestly review each product, and make no promises to the vendor about the content or results of my review.

How To Make Money Online – A Beginner’s Guide

{“en”:”How To Make Money Online: Ten years ago seventeen percent of the world’s population was using the internet on a regular basis and only ten years this number has jumped too close to fifty percent the fact of the matter is for anyone that hopes to eventually own their own business work for themselves or even become financially independent the internet is the key there’s a lot of money to be made in the first part of this video we’re going to take a look at four very different methods that people are using as we speak to make money online if you want to skip ahead to a method that interests you the most you can check out the description box to skip forward after that we’re going to talk about exactly how you can learn to do these methods and start making money yourself so let’s jump right into it alright so the first method that we’re going to take a look at is affiliate marketing affiliate marketing is essentially when you refer someone over to a product it could be a digital or a physical product and you get a percentage of the commission so let’s say for example i am interested in buying some self development books so I’m your average consumer and I type in top self-development books of 2016 and these are the search results click on the first link like most people do and it redirected to a page that’s essentially a review page about what this guy thought the best books of 2016 art and i’m scrolling down and all this book stands out so i click over here and as you can see this is actually amazon link it redirects you to Amazon what this guy is doing on his website is he’s actually using what’s called an amazon affiliate let’s say as a consumer I do decide to buy this book i added to my cart what will happen is Amazon will pay this blogger a percentage of this $17 and for amazon it ranges anywhere from six to fifteen percent let’s say ten percent he makes about a dollar seventy cents and you might say well that’s not that much money the great thing about amazon is if you decide to buy another book let’s say this one this one stands out and I decided by this one amazon will also give you a percentage of this book for the next 24 hours anything you buy on Amazon will give this person a percentage of everything you buy another way to find affiliates is by just typing in any company and the word affiliate we’re going to use move for example move a website that sells business cards and i typed in affiliate brought me to this page and over here you can see a commission structure as you can see for every customer I bring over to move that decides to buy I get eight dollars and every time they return I get another 250 and the great thing about failure marketing lies in the fact that you don’t need to invest anything to start making money all you have to have is some form of traffic which is why the majority of youtubers the majority of bloggers all use affiliate marketing alright so the next method that we’re going to take a look at is Instagram Instagram is actually considered to be the most profitable social media platform because well everything is very visual think of it as window shopping so let’s take a look at how this page millionaire dream with 250,000 followers is making money the first thing you notice right here is that he has a link in his biography if we click on that link let’s see where brings us Wow brings us to a webinar page and on this webinar page you can see that this is primarily probably his main form of income he has people sign up for the webinar only 500 spots and he probably sells a product a digital product over here let’s look at another page motivation mafia these guys have a lot more followers million okay perfect so you can see right here this is what’s called a shout-out basically he made a post and in this post in the caption he shouted out another page this agent Stephen guy what this is is a way to promote another person’s page and these ppl other pages are going to pay large sums of money to have someone give a shout out to them i believe the rate is if you have a hundred thousand followers it’s fifty dollars for shoutouts so if someone has million followers anywhere from three to six hundred dollars for one shout out and that’s a consistent source of income because you can post six hours ago four hours ago two articles every two hours he makes a new post and a couple hundreds of dollars and that’s all he has to do mostly guys are probably thinking well how do i get to this many followers well we’re going to cover that towards the end of the video another method of making money is through sponsorships so we’re on another page gym means official and let’s take a look like this is probably a sponsorship okay awesome so this guy not only did he shout out this page do even but this page do even has a website some sort of online store so this is what’s called a sponsorship because this company do you even com is paying gym means official a large sum of money to have them shout out their page and bring in large amounts of traffic alright so the next method that we’re going to talk about is kindle kindle is actually met the Dai personally use and it brings me a decent sum of money every single month kindle is a part of amazon which is the third largest search engine in the world let’s take a look let’s assume that we’re a random consumer and we’re interested in social skills this brings us to a page filled with books out of all these books here maybe this one and this one and possibly this one are actually you know big-time publishers every other book is published by someone like you and me let’s look at this one so this one by mr.

Tom benfield price point is 299 study makes two dollars off of every copy sells the cover as you can see subpar and there’s not that many reviews there’s actually a very easy way of being reviews but we’re not going to talk about that in this video today in order to find out how much money these guys making off of this one book we scroll down here and we take a look at the amazon best sellers rink he’s like that around a hundred thousand in the kindle store which means he’s making about one sale a day so he’s making about two dollars a day you might say well that’s not that much money well the whole point of kindle the whole strategy behind building a candle business is to have multiple books 1020 some some people even have fifty a hundred books if you have a hundred books bringing into dollars a day that’s two hundred dollars a day that’s that’s like a 60,000 years salary that’s a decent sum of money let’s take a look at a book that’s right a little bit higher if you follow methods that you can find online about how to rank your book higher you can get to a spot like this this first by right here he’s selling at five dollars so he’s making about four dollars every sales let’s take a look at how many copies he sells parte de is amazon best sellers rank is 19,000 at a hundred thousand you’re selling one copy a day fifty thousand you’re selling about two copies a day at 25 you something about 45 at 20,000 you’re probably something about five six copies a day twenty dollars a day from just one book if he scales up and he has ten books like this he’s making four dollars a day and this works for any category is not just social skills you can type in anything like how to take a look at this one how to write a book how to write a book price point is that 299 he’s probably selling about four to five copies a day so this book is making him about ten dollars a day and there’s a bunch of different categories like this and that’s basically how you make money off the kindle alright so the final method that we’re going to take a look at today is fiber fiber is actually a growing platform they’ve been growing dramatically over the past couple of years and the premise behind it is essentially you get to pay people five dollars to do just about anything they might say well five dollars is nothing it’s not that much money well for any of these guys were just a random category by the way any of these top sellers not only do they have multiple orders in queue which means no discovery has 20 orders lined up but they also have were called up sales basically they provide a better service usually more revisions and three revisions sometimes a fast delivery and they charge a lot more so what you’ll find is that a lot of these orders yes you know maybe half of them will be five dollars but the other half might be 20 some of them will even be 30 some of the more reason to be 40 and they can make a decent sum of money and the great thing about fiber is that they have categories which can be automated extremely easily anything in the graphic and design category for the most part you can outsource its people in other countries the Philippines India Pakistan and if you can get yourself onto these top spots right here you don’t need that many reviews you can have a decent sum of money coming in a lot of these you know designs are not made from scratch there’s a lot of programs out there a lot of websites out there that will allow you to develop some of these for absolutely free it’s just that people don’t know how to do that so they come to fiber and they are willing to pay some money to someone who does and that’s fiber so what are the exact methods i need to follow in order to start making money off of any of these methods how do i set it all up funny enough everything you need to know about making money online regardless of the method can be found online the best way to learn any of these methods is by reading a forum post or purchasing a course made by someone who is already making money from these methods for affiliate marketing there’s literally thousands of free posts and videos about setting up an affiliate website so if you’re interested in doing that Google is your best friend for kindle there’s actually a very good course out there my guy named Stephanie knows that i personally use and can vouch for those of you who don’t have much money what I would actually recommend is for you to buy the course go through all the lessons and then just ask for a refund I believe you have 30 days to refund the course once you’re making money you can always pay him back by buying the course again for Instagram I actually know a guy who grew up a stool over 1 million followers all by himself so if you’re interested in making money on instagram you can expect the video about how to grow your own page by the end of the month for fiber there’s a bunch of cheap courses out there as well not any that i’ve personally tried but again look for one that is refundable by it go through it and just ask for refund i hope you guys doing some value in this video the purpose of the video will give you a general overview an idea of the many many different ways you can make money online if you guys have any questions please leave them in the comments below and I’ll make sure to answer as many of them as possible stay tuned”}

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The links in these posts are 'affiliate links.' This means if you click on the link and purchase the item, I will receive an affiliate commission. This will not cost you any more.

I may have received a free copy of the product to review from the vendor or been otherwise compensated by the vendor. However, I honestly review each product, and make no promises to the vendor about the content or results of my review.

I’ll SHOW YOU how much MONEY I make on YouTube!

{“en”:”Hi guys. So today is one of my favorite days of the month. It’s the day when I reach into the mailbox and pull out my youtube paycheck. and I thought i would share that with you. In fact, I have got the checks right here and I’m going to show them to you! Now the reason why I’m showing you these paychecks is because before I received them, I maybe like you, used to think that you needed millions of views and thousands of subscribers before you could make any money on YouTube. So I hope that’s the proof for you that it’s not true! I started making money, I started getting checks that were around… I think my first check was like a hundred dollars and then it worked up from there. Um. But I started making money on YouTube when I had less than four thousand subscribers.

And if you follow the right formula, anyone can do this. I’ve been making videos on a regular basis about once a week for a year, but it took about four months of doing that before I started getting paid from YouTube on a regular basis. The checks get bigger and bigger every month. Now before I show you my checks there’s a couple things I want you to know. There are still a lot of YouTubers who have this belief that you’re not allowed to tell people how much money you make on YouTube.

However, I consulted with my legal team and we determined that there are no such clauses in my agreement with YouTube or AdSense. Another thing that’s important for you to know is that you can no longer get printed paychecks from YouTube, all of the payments are now done with direct deposit. So I mean that’s a little less fun and exciting than getting snail mail with Google on the front but it’s also a bit more convenient. Now I want you to keep in mind the amount you see on these paychecks is what I have earned with very minimal effort. People who spend more time and make more videos make more money and there’s actually a lot of different factors that go into who makes how much and how they make it.

Everyone makes a different amount of money and the amount of money you are paid is different depending on like everything it could change from day to day. Now I actually make a lot more money from YouTube offline. And that comes from people who’ve seen my videos, the exposure that I get from making them, and getting work and jobs and contracts and working with people from that. I do life coaching, video editing, voice overs, I also make a commission off of my Amazon store. A lot of the traffic I get to my Amazon store comes from Youtube. So I get paid to do the things I love and enjoy doing thanks to YouTube videos which is a big thing for me because I worked in retail for about eleven years and it was soul killing.

And it got to a point for me where I just said to the Universe and to myself like I can’t take this anymore. I can’t do this. Otherwise, if I have to live my life working in retail my life is not worth living. And that’s when I knew it was serious and I had to start putting myself out there and looking into other things for myself. So here are my checks, I’m going to let you have a look at them.

They look kind of funny cause I like blocked out important information that I don’t want on the internet. So they’re going to look a little bit weird but you can see my name, you can see they’re from Google and you can see how much um I made.. So, like I said, I get one of these every month. And so here’s the first one. Google. Adelle Ramcharan. And amount due five forty seven seventy four.

And you can see right here it says this check is for your earnings as part of the Google Adsense program. Here’s the one before that. Five fifteen. So those ones are like a couple of months old. Those are probably about four months ago that I like received those. YouTube has started direct deposits since. So now I make closer to seven hundred dollars. So I make about seven hundred dollars a month off my YouTube videos and I don’t even work that hard on them, I really don’t. I just try to be myself and I talk about things that are really important to me.

So it doesn’t mean it’s not important to me, it’s just that I’m working less than I used to have to work to make that kind of money. When I worked at the mall, I’d have to work for two weeks to make seven hundred dollars. Full time. And it was really stressful. Now I know for some people, seven hundred dollars, that can be half of your rent payment.That could be massages every week and organic groceries.That can even add up to less days that you have to work at a job you don’t like every month if you have a paycheck like that coming in. What could you do with an extra seven hundred dollars a month. Let me know what you would do with that in the comments below. I actually wrote an ebook about how to make money on YouTube, where I go step by step the process that I do in my videos, I learned a bunch of tips and tricks by experimenting with a bunch of different variables on my channel to make the videos higher and higher.

i go into detail on my video that I had that organically is now approaching one million views that I just shot in ten minutes. That’s actually going to be part of the bonus book that comes with the ebook. The ebook is called how to make money on youtube, get more subscribers, get more views and get paid. And then it also comes with a bonus book which is called YouTube cheats. And those are tips and tricks if you wanna play absolutely dirty and all you care about is money that’s how to get your videos to a certain level.

So that one is viewer beware, use with caution. I’ve got the links below if you wanna check those out. That’s at and I’ve got a coupon code again in the description box below that you can use to get a discount on the book. You also will definitely want to check out some of the other videos on my channel if you’re interested in self growth, personal development, financial freedom and the thing that’s close to my heart which is healing trauma and going through therapy.

thanks so much for watching. I’ll see you next time. Bye.. “}

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The links in these posts are 'affiliate links.' This means if you click on the link and purchase the item, I will receive an affiliate commission. This will not cost you any more.

I may have received a free copy of the product to review from the vendor or been otherwise compensated by the vendor. However, I honestly review each product, and make no promises to the vendor about the content or results of my review.

Quibids Penny Auction – Make Money Online Product Reviews

{“en”:”[MUSIC] Hi my name is Nathaniel and this is one more cup of coffee where we talk about online business, making money on the internet And financial independence. So, today, I’m going to go through another review for a money making system that is popular on the internet. It’s called [INAUDIBLE] And I’m going to be checking out if it’s legitimate or not. Now, first. Let’s go over to the website first. [MUSIC]. Site looks totally legit. There, there’s a little bit of, kind of a m-, that make money online feel to it. Where they show you pictures of money, and tell you how much you can win. And there’s a lot of, you know, inspiring videos about how these people got some awesome items and what not.

So it’s, it looks a little bit cheesy. But, as you can see right here. It says it’s Better Business Bureau accredited. So, Better Business Bureau, so immediately I went to the BBB accredited [UNKNOWN]. Okay it’s right on the BBB’s website. It says that they’re accredited. Now accreditation doesn’t mean that the Better Business Bureau says there a, says they have good product. It doesn’t do a product review, all it does is it says that they are a legitimate business and they’re not going to cheat you out of money. So it does mean something, but it doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t immediately trust them just because They have this, this accrediation.

So, the first thing you’ll notice, if you scroll down. Oh my god, 1183 complaints. That is a lot. Billing, advetsing. Seemed to be the most complained area. So that is a bit scary. But, what you can do is you can actually look into these complaints. And there is a couple things I notice with these complaints. One, the majority of the complaints, are complaining that they were [MUSIC]. Billed. And I didn’t approve the billing. Now, I actually signed up for this site. And they say it very clearly at the beginning. You will be charged 60 dollars if you sign up.

There’s a way to sign up without getting charged. And it’s a little bit harder to find. But, the, the main. Tunnel that get you through, to have you enter your credit number and it says in big letters on their, that it, there will be a $60 charge for this. So these people really don’t know what they’re talking about. The other thing I noticed is that [UNKNOWN] answers every single one of the complaints. So here’s a complaint, here’s a [UNKNOWN] response. Here’s a complaint, here’s Quibids response. Here’s a complaint, here’s Equips response. Now not all business do this. Some people just let it collect on there and their like whatever, we don’t want to address these, but Quibids has something to say about every single one. They even refund people their money when they shouldn’t have got a refund according to the terms and services. After reading these complaints and Quibs responses. I decided that I could get, I was a little hesitant about giving them my credit card information, but I did.

I sighed up $60 will get you a hundred bids. And this is basically how the system works. Let’s look at a bid. Kay, so you see this timer, iIt’s timing down, so this is the item here, this SanDisk 32 gigabytes drive, as the timer goes down it starts With much more time on there, here’s eight minutes on the timer. And you make a bid, the bid costs 60 cents. And that says that you are willing to buy this item for the price down in green here. So if I were to bid right now that would mean that I would want to buy this ScanDisk drive for a dollar, and that’s probably worth 15, 20 bucks. I don’t know. So if we look at this 500 gigabyte hard drive here, that’s probably worth like a hundred bucks maybe. I don’t know what the price is, but it’s selling for a dollar.

And as the timer ticks down and you make a bid it refreshes [MUSIC] To 20 or 15 seconds depending on the time frame. There’s a whole system. But, so if I make a bid right now it’ll refresh again, my name will pop up and I’ll be named as the bidder. And then refresh back to 15 seconds. You can see there’s tons of people bidding on this right now. And each time you bid, it increases the price by a penny. So this item right here is getting crazy bids right now. Let’s look at a slower one. Organized by their What they are.

Okay so here’s a gift card for Shell, a $50 gift card for gas. You can see the timer’s ticking down, and then if someone wants to make a bid then it refreshes back to 15 seconds, this one is going to 20 seconds. [MUSIC] And this one hasn’t gone down to the 20, 15 second threshold yet. Now if the timer runs down to zero, and you’re the last bidder, then you win the item. so this lowest >> [MUSIC] >> Let’s say the timer runs down all the way to zero seconds. And it’s $1.51. And she wins the bid. That means that she can buy the item for $1.51. Now, who knows how many bids she put on it? If she put on ten bids, that’s $1.51. [MUSIC] Plus $6, that’s $7.51. If you put a hundred bids, that’s gonna be $60. So that’s gonna be $60 plus $1.51. Now this is only a $50 gift card.

So once it gets to the $50 price then it’s kind of like you get a $50 gift card for $50 and that’s it. So that’s the whole system. The, the thing that I like about QuiBids, and it makes it legitimate, is that they explain everything very clearly in several parts of their site. Here’s QuiBids 101. And it goes through a bunch of things about how it works, normal customer complaints, where confusion lies, and they kind of take a stab at those guys who are complaining.

They say a lot of people join the site thinking their going to get good deals and they don’t get good deals and so they lable it as scam. In actuallity, it’s just a way, it’s kind of like gambling. You kind of see the items you like and you take a chance, and, theres systems and whatnot. I’m not going to get into the systems are, about how to actually make good bids. I haven’t. Figured it out yet, I’v made a couple of bids and lost. So as far as legitimacy goes QuiBids is a legitimate site. It’s a cool place at least as far as I can tell. I’m gonna keep playing with it and tell you guys how it goes in just a second. But as far as the, the website goes it’s a cool place where you can get some cool stuff and have some fun with it.

So as far as making money online goes I do not think this is a good route to go down. Technically, you could be able to buy these items on here, for cheap, and then sell them, say, on EBay for some, for a more expensive price. So if you get this $50 gift card for Shell for $2 and then you sell it on eBay for $40, that’s a $38 profit. So that’s pretty good. But, there is very limited room for a system here. Where what you’re going to be doing is you’re going to be betting your money on these items. It’s kind of like gambling, you’re gonna make bet and you’re gonna win some, you’re gonna lose some.

And you’re gonna have to develop a system on how to actually be profitable. Because see on this gift card here I could waste 30 bids and that’s gonna cost me $10 or $20. And when the bid is over, I might not have the gift card. I spent $23, and I didn’t get the gift card. That means I spent money. Now some of the higher ticker items like laptops and iPads, they kinda tell you the what can happen story in the advertisements. But that’s where people kinda gravitate towards those higher in tech items. [MUSIC] So, you’re not, it’s gonna be tougher to get those things, and you’re gonna have to spend a lot of time practicing your art, which means you’re going to have to be spending money.

I could see you potentially spending a couple of hundred dollars to get some of the things. We’re gonna see, I, I bought 100 bids for $60, and we’re gonna see if I can Win anything and I’ll come back and check in with you in a second. I just want to show you guys the buss, this bid that’s going on here. It’s running down. Here’s our friend Lowes Gaw again. I just saw a gift card get sold, it’s twenty five dollar. [MUSIC] It’s a $25 gift card gets sold for $0.01. Let this go down and bid. Sorry, there’s me. Yeah we’re gonna see if we can get a $50 gift card for $0.60. Rem Axle seems to be bidding up a storm here. Remember, each time I press this bid now button it’s costing me 60 cents. Sorry Lois Ga. Oh, Rem Axle again. [MUSIC]. Now, earlier today, before I started this video. I actually saw this 50 dollar gift card go for about 2 bucks. So if you think about it, it’s pretty good. I actually need to go to Home Depot which is why I am bidding on this.

Sorry lowest up, rim accent Lowes gaw going at it. I have a feeling this is going to go on for a while. So now one strategy that I heard people say is see how [INAUDIBLE] So let just sitting here, [INAUDIBLE] has already spent about maybe 3, 4 bucks on this. So has Ran Axle. Or Remaxle, whatever his name is. It’s costing him 60 cents everytime they bid. Oh, there’s [INAUDIBLE] again, another 60 cents. The tough thing is, there’s all these Home Depot Cards, but the timing is way off. We gotta wait 12 minutes for that, we gotta wait 20 minutes for that. [MUSIC] I just don’t have the patience to sit here and wait. Another bidding strategy that you can see here, is the scare tactic, so if you just constantly bid, constantly bid, the idea is that other bidders will eventually give up. [MUSIC] see like those, those cards just gone added. On a way [UNKNOWN] see [UNKNOWN] colors into [INAUDIBLE] [MUSIC] What is lowest ga /g, lowest ga /g, come on.

There we go. Now we’re getting some more bidders in here. I’ll play with this for a while and tell you guys what happens. All right while those guys go at it over there I’m gonna show you this page over here so you can see there’s a lot more bids that are going on for a lot longer. Every time someone makes a bid it resets to 15 or 20 seconds and eventually it gets down to 10. [MUSIC]. But you can see there’s a whole line of stuff that people are bidding on. They probably got the same screen on here. And they’re just bid, bid, bid, bid, bid, bid, bid, across the board. I just saw there was one item that just sold for, like, 2 cents.

So that’s the idea, is, you kinda get some stuff that falls through the cracks. There’s our friend, C21HP. You can kinda see who’s bidding on different stuff. They actually say it’s a no no to open up too many bids, because you end up forgetting how many bids you make. [MUSIC] I’m gonna look at some sports gear. [LAUGH] I just, I just bid on this thing, and CHP. There we go. There we go. I’m gonna make it. [LAUGH] No! And just something interesting to look at. This C21HP. He is all over the place. He’s on this one. Alright, I’m gonna get this bid. Now. [Remaxel] is on it. [Remaxel] also Z21HP is also, you’re going to see him bid here in just a second.

There we go, there’s our man. There’s basically 2 or 3 guys on here that are just bidding a storm up. I wonder how to find a wider variety of stuff. [MUSIC] You can see these guys basically have the exact same windows open. That is the store, let’s check out some jewelry. Luqage index, that’s good. So I’ve made 4 bids. And that’s 4 bids times $.60 is what, 2 bucks? So I spent 2 bucks and I do not think I’mma win. Here we go, counting down, it’s almost mine. 3. 2. 1. Damn it. [LAUGH] Damn you [Remaxell] [LAUGH] This guy [Remaxell] he is pissed. Look at em, I just bid, bidding this up. This is costing me $per bid. [INAUDIBLE] is making me mad. Sorry dude. [MUSIC] [LAUGH] Oh, man. That just ran out. Woop, sorry. Man I just spent like 20 bids/g. [INAUDIBLE] [MUSIC] at least Whatever her name was, it’s gone.

I don’t know how that happened. That just [LAUGH] the time ran out and no one bid. I guess that happens. Sold for 347. So disappointing. So you can see I had 100 bids, I bough for 60 bucks so I spent, I just spent 30 dollars and I got nothing out of it. Now I’m even looking over here at like tools, stuff that I don’t even want I mean, why would someone want to buy a stupid knife on the internet? I, that is beyond me. All of these are getting old. Well I’m just gonna blow my bids today. So let’s see if there is some cheaper items. [MUSIC] See if this ten dollar staple get’s carded and get it.See you in twenty seconds. [MUSIC] Okay, here we go.

[MUSIC] 20 seconds on the clock, we’ll see if someone outbids me. [MUSIC] [MUSIC] Hey, [LAUGH] I got a $10 gift card. What do you know. No, I just missed the Chili’s card. How is that possible? Okay, so I’ve used up all my bids. I didn’t win any other auctions, I spent $60 I got a $5, a $10 gift card, so we’re gonna go buy that. I have a feeling there’s gonna be some shipping and handling involved as well. >> [MUSIC] >> So. Cupid’s. It’s fun. It’s addicting. I mean, my heart is beating right now.

I really, really wanna go spend another 60 bucks and try to get some more stuff. It can be fun to play on the weekends. Or if you really wanna get something cheap. Or if this is like, your hobby, whatever. It’s not a good business model. You’re going to lose money. [MUSIC] If you’re looking for a long term solution to start a business to make money on the internet, Cupid’s is not the way to do it. I am a pretty self controlled person, and I am excited, I am jacked up. With adrenaline. Just fighting those bears for those stupid gift cards. And you can imagine, the high ticket items like cameras and barbecues and, and iPads and thatstuff, man that has gotta be some stiff competition. So [MUSIC] Stay away from Cupid’s if you are an addicted gambler. if you would like to learn how to start a real business on the internet something that is not addictive, something that you can rely on (no period) In the years to come, something that is actually to going to provide you with steady income where you can join my email course which there is a link at the end of the video.

You can ask me questions you want and [UNKNOWN] are my links are in the YouTube description, and you can head over to my website, and see what else I have as far as business models goes for starting an online business. So thanks for sitting with me through this Quibids session and I hope to see you in the next video. [MUSIC]. “}

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