Firstly, would like to say the sales letter does not give exactly what it is about and it is a risk to buy the copy. I took the risk and it turn out to be good. I will explain why:
Method is very easy laid down and i wont say it as a traffic generation system rather its a unique technique leveraging the social media platform we all use on daily basis(most of us not all).
As the name suggest generating huge traffic for pennies is rightly said, as the technique can be executed in mere $5 and could be very profitable if you have converting offers.
Apart from that, i can use this technique to grow my social accounts and monetize them later.
It took me around 2 weeks to get it done right because as a newbie it took me time to understand the technique and once i did, it opened a whole new world of possibility.
The guide as some cons as well, as i said its not very easy for a newbie to understand exactly in a first read but with his help on skype its better. So if you want to buy make sure you add him on skype and clear your doubts.
Apart from that i have learned a huge marketing tactic. I am promoting Cpa offers later i will use it for high ticket affiliate offers. And yes sky is the limit when you understand exactly what you need to do to become successful.
I have attached my income proof and just spend an hour a day executing everything. Its a great piece of info at good price.

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Rules Of Content Marketing | TECHUBMAG

Content marketing is a tactical marketing strategy that is centered on producing and publishing content material that is useful, appropriate and orderly to attract the target audience. This helps make sales. This gives you authority and credibility that all contribute to the prospect who wants to buy from you.
A successful content marketing strategy is more than just filling your website with random blog posts or articles. These are the 5 golden rules. What is the purpose of your content?
Every element of content that you produce must have some kind of invitation to act. For example, if you want to send people to the sales page, you need a message that tells them to “Click here now”. Your goal is to drive traffic to web pages, to improve your website Search Engine Optimization (SEO), to generate affiliate income, increase your credibility and authority, or collect opt-in emails. Write With Friendly Tone
Writing using informal language. Imagine that your articles, blog posts, or reports are specific to people who read them. Use contractions in your text. For example, do not not not and can not not not. You can also violate general grammar rules but make sure that there is a reason. Use Your Personality And Voice
Your personality and voice help distinguish your content. They help you develop and strengthen your brand. If you are naturally funny, then when it’s right, your content can and should be funny too. Or if you are serious, your content will reflect that. Research the writers you like and read their articles and posts. How do they share their voices and personalities? Make Your Content Easy to Read
Simple formatting is the best for content marketing. Use words that are underlined, grained, and thick with savings. If you use too much, the reader won’t know where their eyes should go. Learn content that you think is easy to read and content that is too annoying. Are there too many formatting? Not enough? When the article is not easy to read, what will you do to fix it? What makes it easier to read? Plan Your Content
Planning your content marketing helps you maximize your efforts. Some people plan their content for the coming week and plan it for the entire quarter. Whatever way you do it, make sure you have a plan. Determine your keywords and topics. Decide when you will publish it and where. Integrate your content into traffic generation, SEO, sales and marketing strategies.

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