What do You Prefer, Affiliate Marketing or CPA?

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Hey, today I want to answer the question what do you prefer, affiliate marketing or CPA and what the difference is.

CPA stands for cost per action and when you are a CPA affiliate you work for a company or group. You get paid when someone does some type of action. Usually this is fill out some information about themselves and join a mailing list. It could be a survey.

Some people compare cpa affiliate marketing to lead generation. What you would do is sign up with a CPA network. One of the best ones is MaxBounty. Maxbounty can also be very strict about approving you and they can be very strict on how you get leads for them.

The pro to CPA affiliate marketing is you get paid by a company just to get a lead and you don’t have to make a sale.

Usually this is a small amount of money such as a dollar per lead. Maybe if you work with a company that sales airplanes then it can go up to $2 per lead. Am I wrong, do you know of a CPA affiliate offer that pays more than $2 a lead? I have not found any.

CPA affiliate marketing is better that ad sense, but you can do better. In Real Estate there is something called highest and best use.

Say you own oceanfront property one option is you could build a single family home and rent it out and make $8,000 per month. This is like being a CPA affiliate marketer. You are making more money, but you can do better with the land.

You could build an apartment complex and earn $5,000 per month from 10 units. The way to do this with affiliate marketing is to build the sales funnel and use the lead to promote multiple products to that one person. Low ticket items up front, residual income products in the middle and then high ticket items at the end.

Instead of that lead making you $1 it could make you $5,000 dollars all from the same lead. Doing the same work you just make more money.

Getting a good lead just might be the hardest part. To get only $1 dollar for it, just seems like it’s a bad deal for you.

I know what you might be thinking and that is creating the sales funnel,promoting the products that all takes a lot of work.

Yes, but it’s worth it in the long run for your own business. Another idea is if you don’t want to do the work is you can partner with another marketer and use their system. You can still make really good money depending on the deal you make with them. All I’m trying to say is you can do better than CPA affiliate marketing.

Plus, when you have a good sales funnel the money you do make you can hire CPA affiliate’s to drive leads and traffic to your business.

Enough about what I think, how about you? Have you had success with CPA affiliate marketing?

Lastly, when it does come to affiliate marketing one of the most valuable skills to learn is how to promote offers to your list, how to build a list, copywriting, email marketing and wh